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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 9, 2019 6:00pm-6:28pm PST

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san jose. chp closed of southbound highway 85 near saratoga avenue while they investigate this. >> nbc bay area marianne favro live in saratoga. what's the latest? >> reporter: chp highway 85 is mess. if you take a look at this traffic, this is where the cars are being diverted off of southbound highway 85 onto saratoga avenue. if you take a look over here, you can see why. over here the road is closed. this is the onramp to southbound highway 85. just south of here is where there was an officer-involved shooting on 85 around 3:15 this afternoon. sources tell us a man pointed a gun at officers with a specialized san jose police fire, shooting and killing that suspect.wh
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e a team investigates. just about 45 minutes ago there was a san jose police crime scene van that pulled up here onto the highway to begin that investigation. but chp -- i just talked to them, got off the phone with them, and they tell me this could be hours of investigating, and that means that this section of highway 85 could be closed for hours tonight. so it's creating a lot of gridlock here. again, one man is dead after an officer-involved shooting here on highway 85. by the way, this is the fourth fatal officer-involved shooting involving san jose police saratoga, nbc news. we were the first station to send breaking news alerts app a resource to stay updated on what's happening across the bay area. it is free to download. you can get weather updates on it as well. more breaking news for you this time out of san francisco where a body has been found on a golf course.
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nbc bay area's sergio quintana live at the lincoln park golf course. sergio, what do we know? >> reporter: we know that at about 2:20 this afternoon san francisco police were called out here for what they describe as a welfare check. as we arrived on scene, we talked to four golfers who described something pretty shocking. this is what one of those golfers described to us. >> i thought it was just a bad smell as we played through that hole. we believe they told the clubhouse. they checked on it and two golfers were sitting there giving statements, about 10, 15 . hole. >> at this point everything is very preliminary. the incident is ruled a suspicious death at this point. with any suspicious death, our san francisco police department homicide investigators come out and conduct an investigation.
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>> reporter: at this hour those investigators are still conducting interviews with people who may have seen something. they are also asking anyone who happened to have been around the 13th hole here at the golf course to tell of anything they may have seen that was out of the ordinary. the 13th hole is not far away from the clubhouse itself. this is an investigation that is just in its initial stages. reporting live in san francisco, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you. more breaking news now. san francisco's district attorney race is decided. the tally shows chesa boudin with 68,000 votes, which is more than 35% of the teessage saying san francisco, we did it. a victory celebration is planned for tonight. we'll have complete coverage for you at 11:00. developing tonight a construction worker is in a san francisco hospital after falling
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40 feet. he was part of a crew assembling a massive crane on a project on 11th between market and mission. the worker was on an elevated platform when a pin on a piece of equipment came loose. the worker fell with the platform. he is expect to survive his injuries, though. inspectors with cal osha are now investigating. the bay area can't stop talking about a man cited for eating at a station. we told you about this story yesterday. b.a.r.t. police cited this man for eating on a train platform at the pleasant hill station earlier this week. it is worth noting the video does not show what led up to this encounter. today people organizing an informal protest at the embarcadero station and, of course, they b breakfast sandwiches. one of the b.a.r.t. directors, janice lee, was there. she wanted to hear what people thought about the incident. remember, eating on b.a.r.t., in fact, against state law. but when questioned how often is that enforced, we filed a
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request to find that out. we'll bring you an update. a live look at san francisco. >> gorgeous shot. >> gorgeous shot and the bridge, the lights doing their thing. it is spectacular to be down there on the embarcadero. we're getting off topic because we're trying to talk about weather, a spare the air alert >> in terms of air quality you probably noticed if you're in ollution at 125 near lto, and redwood city and palo alto. the reason we have a wintertime spare the air alert today and tomorrow for wood smoke, which is built up under high pressure, the same high pressure that has kept the storms away, dry air aloft acts like a lid and the smoke pollution adds up. another thing with the air pollution and the light winds and clear skies, notice how the
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fog sets up heading towards tomorrow morning. could once again be dealing with patchy, dense fog across the bay. we'll have a closer look at the impact on your sunday temperatures and our first chance of seeing showers in a while, showing up in the seven-day forecast in ten minutes. >> all right, rob. thanks. the search is on for the person who shot two people with arrows at a homeless encampment in the east bay near if san francisco bay trail south of central avenue in richmond. aows at y three people woke up them. two men were hit by the arrows and had to be taken to the avbeen made. in the east bay community members came out to find ways to address what they say is an ongoing shortage of emergency services in west contra costa county. doctors medical center closed in 2015. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live in richmond to explain. christie? >> reporter: there was a lot of
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discussion today here in richmond about the situation in west county. they think that state policy around allowing emergency departments should be changed. but others said they doubted that would happen, but there are things that can be done. >> next month i'm retiring. yesterday i was out looking for health care. >> reporter: she lives in richmond and uses kaiser now but that may change in the future. she wants more options close by in case of emergency. >> svewo lanes to get to a hospital. okay? joined 200 others including elected officials and union members looking for ways to address a lack of emergency services in west contra costa county. >> the need needs to be addressed regardless of a full-service hospital and emergency room. we want the community to have an opportunity to say we need services. >> reporter: but state law
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restricts what's allowed. some believe that won't change but the focus needs to be clear. doctors medical center in san pablo closed in 2015, leaving a void. >> what we need, frankly, are higher medi-cal reimbursement rates because right now what we have is a situation where doctors are not a kaiser in many cities. neighbors also have questions b. some in richmond say it's time for a >> it's notmoney. it's about value in people. >> reporter: this was the first town hall according to organizers, and they say the conversation will continue. reporting live in richmond, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. a day of action. students took to the streets to improve their schools. those students organized three
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simultaneous marches. middle and high schoolers walked with their colorful posters for more than an hour. they wanted to show that their communities -- that students should get involved in improving education. >> i think we just need more youth engagement. like, in these sort of issues, because the more that we speak up for ourselves, seriously and the more that gets done, because we're really effective in what we do. >> she had a great name. >> you likdo. the students' goals is to in ca. >> s way for kincade fire victims. how sonoma county will lend a helping hand for those who lost everything in that fire. get ready to lace up your skates. where you can hit the ice during the holiday season. my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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. firefighters currently battling a brush fire near warner bros. studio. it's over the hill from the hollywood sign. the fire burned over 34 acres. firefighters say no one is hurt, no structures have been burned. the cause of the fire is under investigation. people who lost homes and businesses in the kincade fire will be able to start cleaning up the debris. on tuesday crews from sonoma county will do a free hazard
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waste sweep of properties that burned down. they'll remove batteries and paint. after the hazards materials are gone, people can hire contractors to remove the rest of the debris and start with rebuilding process. the flames destroyed more than 370 structures and 174 of them were homes. speaker of the house nancy pelosi officiated a swearing-in ceremony in san francisco today. this ceremony was trustees and executive board of seiu local 87, representatives for janitors. they elected women to 67% of leadership positions. >> i thank you for so much. it is a fight, some of it. we're fight now those who might want to shut down government because they don't really
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believe in governance or the way we want to do things with diversity and respect for every person. >> seiu local 87 was established back in the 1930s. it was one sfraf's oldest unions. ice skating back in the east bay. thaye ice rink opened this morning. rob, you were there. >> great events. there's paulinena ed mons. >> that was kristin johnny. >> the first time on the ice. that's picture proof that it is a family-friendly time up in walnut creek. great event. that ice rink open now through january 20th. >> looks like a lot of fun. >> you call them the tornadoes? >> yes. not on the ice. >> i think it's funny you named your twins after a tornado.
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they do that kind of damage. >> very appropriate. >> yes. >> sometimes. >> ef 5s, depending. it was gorgeous walnut creek, sunshine, cool skies. rest of the bay area, not so much. patchy fog around the inner by a and coast. look at that view right now. that is a sneak preview of your sunday morning. right now spilling into san francisco you got the low clouds and fog. 54 degrees. the ocean air conditioning with the low clouds, almost a summer-like pattern with 50s and 60s out near the coast. we did manage highs near 80 degrees inland earlier today. right now walnut creek, one of the spots that made the mid-70s. you saw the view there in walnut creek on ice. 62 right now. 76 the high earlier. similar temperatures for tomorrow. in san jose, hazy skies. high of 67, closer to 70 tomorrow. but the issue if it's not the fog, it's the air quality.
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if you have asthma or any other respiratory conditions, especially in the south bay, you probably started to notice this, highssurelocking storms, not a lot of wind and that smoke pollution adds up over a few days. south bay and santa clara valley likely to see highest levels of smoke pollution. allow clouds move past san francisco. patchy fog setting up for theaf. morning temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s bay side. you may see numbers closer to the upper 30s around santa rosa. tomorrow afternoon, highs in the low 70s near san jose. mid-70s around morgan hill. tri-valley towards concord and walnut creek, mid to upper 70s. upper 60s from san mateo and mid-60s near downtown san francisco. north bay temperatures in the mid-70s from sonoma no napa. one thing to watch in the hills,
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slight taste of offshore breezes picking up tomorrow night into monday. wind speeds aren't expected to be all that strong, but it will be dry and locally breezy above the hills at 10,000 feet. here's your chance of seeing showers. as we go through the next few days , that opportunity can come thursday into friday as this high weakens just enough. and friday. high pressure very likely to build back for next weekend, so let's make the most out of that one-day opportunity thursday into friday. in the meantime, patchy fog, mild arches. again, the summer spread of microclimates continues. for all the veterans day plans on monday, the weather looking nice and trending a bit warmer earlier in the week. >> good reminder about veterans day on monday. rob, thanks a lot. it was a momentous day, one
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30 years ago today the berlin wall came down. it was one of the biggest turning points in ere separated from one another for decades. same heritage but living radically different veiving our communist rule for monitored for any sign of disloyalty, but ntht system collapsed. east germans were said to be
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allowed to travel between any checkpoint they chose. in an interview with tom brokaw, he doubled down. >> it is possible for them to go through wall at some point? >> it is possible for them to go through the border. >> it was a mistake, but it was too late. the word was already out. the could no longer contain the east german people. president trump left washington for a friendlier crowd this weekend. he attended college football game in alabama where his public approval rating is his highest. democrats hoping to unseat mr. trump next november are out in important early voting states. democrats learns michael bloomberg might jump into this race. >> i think it's clear from the polling that most democrats are far from making up their minds. there's a long way to go in this race. >> first primary votes will be cast in less than 90 days from right now. it's finally going to get here.
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anthony flores joining us now with sports. >> that's right. the votes are in. it's going to be a big game monday night for the 49ers. and the 49ers are favorite in monday night's showdown against seattle. are they finally getting the respect they deserve and do they care what others are saying? stick around. sports is next.
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in the nfl wn wh the seahawks. the 49ers say it's just another game. do you believe them? it's a rivalry that has been dominated by the hawks. there's a lot of charter about the 'niners' perfect record like they haven't played anybody. but head coach kyle shanahan says his team has done a great job blocking out the outside noise. >> we have a lot of confidence in our guys and who they are as people. i haven't sensed any different than week one in terms of paying attention to what's outside. >> the 49ers will take on the hawks monday night at
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stadium. stanford going where the buffalo roam, to colorado. fourth quarter cardinal down four. look at this, he is gone. 79 yards for the touchdown and the lead. but heartbreak. the buffs get a field goal as time spires. it's the game winner. colorado beats a high sc s leaving a legacy on and off the field. playing with the boys on varsity and she's a nose tackle. hurting her helmet away for the last time. >> it's really really ton to play >> reporter: and she did. for two years as a nose tackle tackle. at santa clara high school, becoming first girl in 30 years to play on the varsity football team. >> i honestly didn't think she would make it a week. it was after the first week of pads and we started hitting each
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other and she didn't back down, i said, okay, she does have what it takes to be a football player. >> the coolest part, knocking heads every day at practice. >> reporter: it was filled with ups and downs. that's what she says was the best part. >> the life lessons that come with football is getting knocked down and always having to get back up. >> reporter: she's been such an inspiration at her school, she had another female classmate join the football team. after watching her play, a junior was motivated to tackle her own dreams. >> she gives people a lot of hope, that it doesn't matter what gender you are, how big you are, if you have a passion for something and you have a certain toughness, you can persevere through anything. >> i'm so proud of not only myself but the people around me of creating this environment where we can make anybody feel like they can do anything they want to. >> reporter: she hopes her story
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will inspire others long after her playing days are over. >> i'm really going to miss football. >> reporter: best of luck to raquel. that's a great story. if you know of another -- let me know. hit me up on twitter or email me. address is in my twitter profile. does this look familiar? it's the chase center. first college basketball game being played between stanford and san francisco. number 3 stanford wins big, 97-71. >> that's a look at sports the news will continue right after this. ok, network inspection. -ok. connected to wifi, protected from threats. thermostat - connected, protected. speaker, space vacuum... [ whispering ] connected, protected. shh. eh, this is not connected or protected. but, that's a family heirloom. and, it's a family security breach. it's gotta go.
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least stress out people in these cities. ud 182 u.s. cities and ranked their stress levels. at 182. >> long time there. >> it has the least amount of stress. san jose is only a little bit higher in the ranks. oakland and san francisco ended up next to each other, near the middle at 107 and 108. wallet hub completed that study and base it on weekly work hours, debt, divorce, suicide rates, et cetera. >> all right. fremont is the place to be. >> we'll pack our bags and go to fremont. >> see you tonight at 11:00. an nbc bay area news special. "responds."
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linda frye: grow a backbone and make a decision. chris: two years after the north bay firestorm, ar. why they say mortgage companies owe them thousands of dollars. plus-- scott hambuchen: they can make you believe that they're a representative of that company. chris: scammers are getting smarter. we'll expose their latest schemes and help you protect your money. and-- sarah c. jones: it will give you peace of mind. chris: you've heard of a sports coach or a life coach. now meet a quake coach and learn simple tricks chris: good evening and welcome to our nbc bay area "responds" special. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. as 2019 draws to a close, we're wrapping up our most successful year to date helping consumers like you. so far this year, we've helped you get back more than $1.5 million. tonight, some of those success stories and our consumer investigations.
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we begin with the story about simple interest. it gets a little complicated. we're talking about the north bay fires, where 2 years after those blazes many homes are still under construction. well, some homeowners told us mortgage companies aror they need every penny to get back on their feet.


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